Creative Hour: English language and the arts

//Creative Hour: English language and the arts

Creative Hour: English language and the arts



Tim Etchell Hearing Voices: I never had not problem with Luton

In this Creative Hour session we are looking at English language and the arts.  Today’s task comes from the UK artist Tim Etchell, whose work Hearing Voices is currently showing at the Departure Lounge in Luton.

This session is suitable for home schooling, home learning, or for teachers preparing materials for their distance learning programme.  In this activity, students are asked to find an interesting piece of text or a lexical chunk and create an artwork from it.  I hope you enjoy this video.

Instructions for activity:

Take a look at Tim Etchell’s website to learn more about his work.

Take a look at Departure Lounge’s website to learn more about the exhibition.

Following Tim Etchell’s process, brainstorm some interesting questions you can ask members of your family and friends.  As you speak to them, make a note of their main ideas.

From your notes, identify or isolate some interesting text that you would like to integrate into an artwork.

Use whatever materials you have at home to create your artwork.  These could include: crayons, markers, highlighter pens, paints, pencils, stickers etc.  If you do not have art materials, encourage your child to think creatively about materials available in the home.  You could also try using materials from open spaces such as local parks, under trees etc. if you have such access.  The video below gives you further instruction.

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