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“This app presents the basics of photosynthesis in a clear and motivating way. It is particularly successful in linking key terms to the processes to which they refer. Although it is designed primarily for students whose home language is not English, it can also be used with benefit by native speakers.”

David Little, Associate Professor Emeritus of Applied Linguistics, Trinity College Dublin

“This is a well-designed and engaging app for learning science vocabulary. Although it doesn’t’ yet have a wide range of materials, it does offer a variety of approaches to learning and retaining vocabulary in context, and a high standard of interface design and usability.”

Mike Sharples, Professor of Educational Technology, The Open University

“This app is highly innovative in terms combining the L1 with the target language.  It’s great to finally see the students’ first language being taken into consideration in a meaningful manner.  The technology allows the combination of a number of skills in a very neatly designed lesson. Well done!”

Dr. Josephine O’Brien, Associate Professor, Zayed University

“This is a comprehensive, focused and well thought-out app. Students can quickly and effectively build their language skills in a clearly structured way. The themed approach is powerful as it reworks vocabulary in a specific context (photosynthesis) and allows the learner to develop their receptive and productive language authentically within the topic. I hope that further subject based units will be developed. Highly recommended”.

Will Humphreys, Freelance ESOL Teacher

“The app has everything! It checks meaning a number of times. I love the word order activity and it’s fun. This app will really support science teachers. In fact, when a science teacher sees it, they cannot but get excited by it”.

Connor O’Donoghue, English Language Teacher, Teacher Trainer

“With our Chinese students, the app proved to be an enjoyable way of learning key words, both by relatively new to English, and by more advanced learners. It was also clear that this is something which appeals equally to those students who are geeky, and those who are slower learners. It gives them the opportunity to learn at their own speed, with however much repetition is required, and in a way which appeals to their sense of what’s cool. I was impressed by the clarity of presentation and graphics, as well as the ease of use. Having the materials in first language, means that students are able to grasp ideas at their cognitive level, without being held back and / or being frustrated / bored by limited English. The recording function gives students the opportunity to try speaking without the embarrassment of having to speak to the whole class and build on the understanding of those key words. I am fairly certain that for £2.99 parents would be prepared to buy these apps for their children. But I also think they could become popular in schools, when teachers realise their potential for those with English as a first language.”

Christiana Rose, EAL Co-ordinator, Durham Council

“It’s brilliant. I’ll definitely use it!”

Chris Mazhude, Science Teacher, Bedford

“This app is well-designed and good fun; EAL students will definitely love it!”

Yumei Hsu, EAL Teacher, Durham

“This app helps you to learn the important words for science. It’s really hard trying to read textbooks all time and I don’t always understand the books. The app is really easy to use. I would like to see more.”

LinLin Wang, (GCSE) London

“I can remember more of the important words after using the app. It’s really easy to use. I would use it straight away.”

Fan Hung, (KS3), Durham

“This app covers exactly what I need to know. It’s the first software I’ve seen that actually helps us to learn science.”

WaiBei, (KS3), Durham

“This would really help me. It’s better than a book. When you use an app you don’t need to look for a dictionary. It’s all there for you. In the book it tells you how to pronounce the words, but I can’t read the ‘phonetic’ letters, but the app reads it out for you. I would download it and I would recommend it all my friends.”

YuYun, (KS3), Essex

“I would use the app so I wouldn’t have to go through pages in a book to find the information that I need. It definitely easier to study on your phone and learn when you want. I think the app is really good.”

Kevin Spears (GCSE), London

“Very useful app. Simple to use.  Love the visuals. Looking forward to the Gaeilge version!!  Comhghairdeas.”

Mary Caulfield, Gaeilge Teacher, Dublin 

“Really impressed with this app.  Not only does the student learn the vocabulary but can practise pronunciation and stress too.”

Fiona Kelly, EAL Teacher, Dublin 


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