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The Keywords English Team

Working hard to bring Keywords English to you.

Joanna Norton
Joanna NortonTeacher, Teacher Educator, Language and Literacy Specialist, Learning Technologist and Creative Thinker.
A firm believer in the work of Paulo Freire, Joanna has taught literacy to children, young people and adults in both resource-rich and resource-limited contexts. She is currently teaching in Higher Education with students from foundation to postgraduate level. Her current project Keywords English, aims to connect the language of school to global innovations. It is a response to the challenges the academic language of school presents growing numbers of young people, along with the alienation felt by many communities in the face of increased connectivity. The first phase of the project, Keywords Biology, is a research-based app to support young people, teachers, families and communities with the academic language of biology. The second phase, Teaching the Word and World is a teacher development programme that connects the language of biology to global innovations.

As a creative thinker, Joanna’s work within the area of Applied Imagination underpins the direction and focus of Keywords English. Keywords English is a research informed, teacher-led project that collaborates with teachers, schools, teacher training colleges and communities around the world to examine how the principals of social justice can inform the direction of next-generation teaching and learning?

Robert Mohr
Robert MohrWriting Specialist, Lead Instructional Designer
Robert Mohr acquired his B.A and M.A. in English in San Francisco and his California State Teaching Credential in Berkeley prior to 1991, when he moved his family to Dublin to complete his Ph.D. His final dissertation was a study of W.B. Yeats and James Hillman. He has taught at every level of education from primary level and through university, including adult education, over a 20-year period. He has extensive teaching writing skills at all levels of academia as well as in the corporate government sectors. His unique skill-set is enhanced by his extensive track record as an instructional designer and scriptwriter in various e-learning applications, again in both corporate and government organisations. His publications, including How to Write: Tools for the Craft, address all aspects of the literacy cycle, from individual words to the essay. He has just completed a children’s book of stories, entitled Rosanna and Owl.
Suniya Khatun
Suniya KhatunScientist, Science Team Leader
Suniya Khatun is currently a PhD student at University College London, undertaking interdisciplinary research with the aim of establishing the underlining molecular mechanisms that govern life. She received her B.Sc. Hons from Nottingham Trent University in 2015 where she began her specialism in medicinal chemistry and computational biology. She began her Higher Education teaching career in 2015 after being offered an Instructor position at Nottingham Trent University in recognition of her excellent academic profile. She worked creatively to design and implement a new curriculum for the Professional Practice module which focused primarily on bridging knowledge and skill gaps between university and industry.

With a strong passion in STEM education, she is continuously engaged in teaching as a Postgraduate Teaching Assistance at University College London and Birkbeck University of London alongside her research and is currently working towards her Associate Fellowship in Higher Education. Suniya is an exceptionally skilled scientist with sound knowledge across the science discipline and aspires to be an inspiration in making STEM Higher Education accessible to Black and Minority Ethnicity students and is proactive in outreach programmes.


Paco Martín
Paco MartínPhotographer, Graphic Designer, Documentary Film Maker
Paco has extensive experience working as a photographer, graphic designer, and documentary film maker in Spain and internationally. Paco is responsible for the development of the visual assets of Keywords Biology. In his role as a photographer, he was also responsible for visually documenting the lives of communities in Albania, Turkey, Germany, Poland and the UK. This essential research work informed the strategy, development and direction of Keywords English.
Marcelle Cerutti
Marcelle CeruttiPhotographer, drama teacher
As a photographer, Marcelle’s work has taken her from her home in Brazil to document the stories of people in Italy, Ireland, the UK, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. As a visual storyteller, Marcelle was part of the research team of Keywords English responsible for documenting the lives of rural communities in northern Albania. She also works as a drama teacher with young children in São Paulo.
Brigid O’Donnell
Brigid O’DonnellSubject Matter Expert (Science), Science Editor
Brigid O’Donnell is a Second Level Science and Biology Teacher at Gairmscoil Mhic Diarmada on Arranmore Island off the coast of Donegal, Ireland. She received her B.Sc. from NUIG in 2005 and her PGDE also from NUIG in 2008. She teaches in a dual school, teaching Science and Biology through the medium of both English and Irish.

Living in a remote community with no access to broadband, Brigid has worked creatively to bring the school and community closer together. For example, during her time in Garimscoil Mhic Diarmada she has supported students and encouraged them to develop projects, through being a Mentor Co-ordinator and a Health Schools Co-ordinator. For one such project, students produced pamphlets on Back Care and Internet Safety. The Internet Safety pamphlets helped raise awareness of this issue at a community centre on Arranmore island. Brigid is a keen advocate of EdTech and methodologies to enhance the creative learning of STEM subjects.

Takayuki Ishii
Takayuki IshiiArt director, Graphic designer, Community Designer
Taka has extensive experience of design in a range of diverse contexts such as advertising, package design and local branding, all within a Japanese context. In order to improve his own practice he decided to pursue an MA in Narrative Environments in Central Saint Martins, London. He is currently interested in community engagement and is exploring how design and narratives can work together to produce a positive impact of the daily life of people. His current research is investigating homelessness across London.
Jianwei Chen
Jianwei ChenFashion designer, BeatBoxer
With an interest in men’s fashion, fashion illustration andbeatboxing, Jianwei’s creativity is inspired by fusing ideas from different disciplines. He is currently doing a BA in Menswear at the London College of Fashion and his work is focused on finding a balance between art and commercial fashion. A native of Beijing, he chose to study in London to push his creative boundaries and to find alternative ways to express himself through his collections.
Wei Guo
Wei GuoIllustrator
Wei is a freelance illustrator, a signed illustrator of Getty Images and a member of AAM (APPortfolio Asia Member). He has five years working experience developing design and illustration pieces. He has worked for books and magazines and collaborated with both local fashion labels and global brands, such as RED BULL. He has participated in several exhibitions including China’s Cutting-Age Illustrators, China’s Outstanding Young Designers and 798 SongYang Skull exhibition. He published his postcard About 20000 Pieces in Beijing, Shanghai and XiAn. He is currently pursuing an MA in Illustration at Camberwell College, the University of the Arts. He is interested in collaboration in order to explore how illustration is applied in other areas.

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