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The Word: Keyword Biology


The World: Real World Challenges

Photosynthesis Towers

©Vincent Callebaut

Teaching the Word and the World

Teaching the Word and the World applies classroom learning to addressing real world challenges.  Under the guidance of teachers, students will use newly acquired language from the photosynthesis app to explore Paris2050 – Vincent Callebaut.

Paris is committed to reducing greenhouse gases by 75% by 2050.  Paris2050 by Vincent Callebaut explores the role that architecture and plants will play in creating a more sustainable city.  Students will learn more about this process and, through a series of interactive activities informed by design thinking, consider their own community in 2050.  

For the final stage of the project, students will design their own photoshoot to reflect their learning.  A full model and training is available.  

To see a model lesson plan, click here.  

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Pending feedback and research further, innovative models aligned to the topics within Keywords Biology will be provided.


Applied Creativity for Teachers and School Leaders

Informed by Paulo Freire’s work, Applied Creativity for Teachers and School Leaders supports teachers in their exploration and understanding of the multifaceted complexities within which their school is grounded.  It also incorporates some of the creativity and democratic principles of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Applied Creativity and School Leaders is created for teachers interested in moving their professional development beyond the confines of a traditional classroom setting. They then begin the process of redesigning learning within their own class/school context.  In turn, the session explores how to remove barriers between schools and the wider community to allow for the free movement of learning.   The training has five main components:

  1. A Morning of Inspiration
  2. Walking Mathematically
  3. Teachers as divergent readers
  4. Effective teaching and the role critical reflection
  5. The 3.0 classroom

To see a model lesson plan for A Morning of Imagination, click here.  

To see a rationale of the activities underpinning A Morning of Inspiration, click here.

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