Where do ideas come from?

//Where do ideas come from?

Where do ideas come from?


We all have ideas, but very few of us actually record or re-visit them and use them at a later date to create a piece of work. Yet recording our ideas is a critical component of the creative process.  It can take time to develop ideas and we need to start off with a reference point and then to take time to develop these ideas.

This is a model I have adapted Pat Francis’ brilliant book, Taking a line for a walk. As a teacher and mobile content creator, most of my ideas are concerned with materials development and mobile learning, so the world around me is a constant source of inspiration.  I certainly do not have time to make long notes when I am out and about. Besides using Evernote to record my ideas, which I will write about later, I simply record my ideas on labels and keep them on a keyring.

The process

1. When I get an idea I simply write down a couple of short sentences or keywords to help me remember the key concept.

2. At the back of the tag, I often sketch or map out visually what the activity could look like.

3. I familiarise myself with these ideas on a regular basis and think of ways in which they could be improved.

4. If I decide to develop any of these ideas in more detail, I often discuss the concept with my students and other writers, to get suggestions from them that will help to make the activity more engaging and relevant.

5. This activity is a great opportunity to demonstrate to your students the importance of creative thinking time and encourage them to self-identify how they can record their own ideas.

6. I hang my key ideas in the classroom and encourage students to read and discuss them at their leisure.

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