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Inspired By Research and Creativity

Connecting STEAM Education to Global Innovations Through the Medium of Mobile Literacy


The academic language of school can be a real challenge for young people.  Keywords Biology, the first in a series of STEM related apps that focuses on key language development to support comprehension.  

A range of language activities using the latest in gaming technology engages the user in an interactive learning space. Our methodology is  underpinned by the latest research carried out by linguists at Trinity College, Dublin to support young people with the academic language of school.  


Research identifies the exact vocabulary you need to know for biology.
You engage with meanings in context.
A pronunciation activity supports clear communication.
Keywords Biology encourages you to write sentences using your new vocabulary.
Spelling trouble? No trouble here. Learn to spell at your own pace.
Discuss the topic in English and share with your friends and teacher.
Keywords Biology is informed by the latest research in mobile education.  


As practising teachers, we believe access to education is a human right.  We are committed to the delivery of quality education to all young people irrespective of the location, socio-economic context or any other factors that may prevent them receiving a quality education.

In line with the work of Paulo Freire, Keywords English aims to teach both the Word and the World in ensure young people develop competency in the area of literacy and can apply their learning to identify solutions to challenges in their community.  

We are committed to working with students, teachers, teacher training colleges, communities and businesses to ensure our approach is relevant to the needs of the classroom and meets the needs of the community, teachers are tasked to serve.  

All of our work to date has been informed by research and we promise to ensure and current and future development adheres to ethical practices and decision making.  

Our values are underpinned by the principles of social justice.




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